This House Looks Like An Asterisk

Mention the Czech Republic and it conjures a whole slew of images: castles, beer, the Vin Diesel action vehicle XXX. But how about that house shaped like an asterisk? Because, yup, they have that too.

Built by Petr Hajek Architects, whose list of projects could double as a museum to weird-looking office buildings, the single-family home is nestled in the center of a large, lush property with six variously sized geometric wings stretching out from the center, like arms.

Each of them contains a single room and is built out from the center. This gives a full view of a specific tree—like an arboreal altar. The living room faces an apple tree, the master bedroom a cherry, the bathroom a peach, the guest room a silver spruce, and the children’s room gets a full view of a thriving walnut. Whoa. 

It’s as if each room is its own self-contained trailer home, only you’ll actually want to live inside them. And as the kitchen suggests, the whole place has a refreshingly minimalist vibe.

And yes, from the air, it passes for a sloppily sketched asterisk, but the inspiration behind the spread could not have been more different. It’s actually meant to evoke the image of a resting lizard. More specifically, a chameleon. It’s okay, we don’t really see it either.

H/T: ArchDaily

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He lives in a shoe.