Meet The Swiss Army Knife For Mixologists: Bar10der

Sometimes we secretly aspire to be like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, and thanks to this MacGyver-esque contraption called Bar10der, we're one step closer to realizing our dreams. We had bartender Brenden Britz of Manhattan bar Fig. 19 school us in creating libations that require nothing but Bar10der and booze (and some garnish).

The Bar10der houses every tool you need to get your cocktail on. 

At your disposal are a bottle opener, strainer, jigger, stirrer, four-inch knife, channel knife for garnishes, muddler, reamer for citrus juicing, and a zester. There's also a corkscrew, because sometimes the best cocktail is a glass of wine (also because Bar9der doesn’t sound nearly as good).

Bar10der is a breeze to use when it's in action, but its compactness might be its most attractive quality. “I don’t have room in my New York apartment for a full set of jiggers, stirrers, and everything, but this has it all in one," Britz says. 


The Bar10der Old Fashioned:

Whip up an Old Fashioned in a decidedly newfangled way, just like Britz did for us. Here's a cheat sheet if you've forgotten the recipe.

Step 1: Drop two-three sugar cubes into a glass with a splash of seltzer.

Step 2: Add three dashes of Angostura bitters.

Step 3: Using Bar10der's muddler, crush the sugar cubes until they've fully dissolved.

Step 4: Add two ounces rye whiskey (two large jiggers).

Step 5: Add ice.

Step 6: Stir using Bar10der's stirrer.

Step 7: Cut an orange peel with the four-inch knife and place it in your drink.

Step 8: Enjoy a professional-grade cocktail without leaving your apartment.

Prost, salud, cheers...however you say it, consider your mixology game upped.