10 Museum-Worthy Coffee Designs For Your Kitchen

Coffee has always been essential to life, but the advent of fresher coffees and lighter roasts has made the pour over method overtake the classic espresso as the go-to prep for the enthusiast. But unlike espresso, where you need a very expensive machine—which are gorgeous by the way—you can get something that makes incredible coffee and is pretty enough to stay on your countertop, after use.

Here are 10 of the most beautiful designs we've ever seen.

Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker - $329
This Norwegian design is automatic, expensive, and very modern.

Brass and Walnut Pourover Coffee - $179
Handmade from glass, walnut, and brass, this Bunsen burner-esque design would heat up any countertop.

Strietman ES3 - $1,540
This wall-mounted manual espresso machine is made with brass, wood, steel, and 750 watts of power.

Hario Technica Coffee Siphon - $77
Who says simple is more beautiful? Hario's laboratory setup is pretty slick.

Kalita Wave - $39
Not only are these pretty, but the Kalifa Wave series won best coffee maker from The Sweethome, after 30 hours of testing. They have the taste and the look.

Chemex - $50+
The only coffee maker in NYC's MoMA. Enough said.

Hario V60 and Server - $25 and $20
Available in tons of colors, this elegant and simple little thing is even more beautiful when paired with its matching server.

Snow Peak Collapsible Pour Over - $29
Most pour over coffee makers are fine, but they can't fold. Snow Peak's does, and is perfect for the backpack.

Barisleur Coffee Alarm Clock - $300
This coffee-making alarm clock isn't in production yet, but we can't wait until it is.

Bairrio AltoAir - $51
This spring-like coffee-sculpture claims that it'll brew better coffee since the paper can't stick to the sides. We can't verify, but it looks damn good.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He used a simple French press this morning. Follow him on Instagram.