Amazing 1983 Return Of The Jedi Photos You've Never Seen

Yes, J.J. Abrams and his crew have at their disposal some pretty slick technology to pull off a visually stunning Star Wars reboot next year. And a $200 million budget that George Lucas and his team couldn't have even dreamed about back in the day.

But is newer better? Thanks to this stunning series of recently unearthed behind-the-scenes stills from 1983's Return Of The Jedi, the debate is not cut and dry. From the enormous puppets and costumes to the scale model sets and smokin' hot Carrie Fisher, the curtain is pulled back on just how far blockbuster moviemaking has changed in the last three decades.

Enjoy the hell out of this. 

Just two cool guys, hanging out in the woods, being cool.


Coolest mural-painting gig ever.

Ewok swag level: off the charts.

Family portrait!

George Lucas and director Richard Marquand goofing off between takes.

This guy painted entire crowds of Stormtroopers in the background by hand. BY HAND. How much does he hate computers for putting him out of a job?

Hi cutie. 

Hey there Frog-Dog, what's up?


"Cut! Perfect." 

If Instagram were around back then, this shot would have gotten, like, 100 likes.

Gamorreans, they're just like us!

Black and white > color. Every time. 

The Emperor, sans cloak. 

A young Warwick Davis getting cozy with Carrie Fisher.

A less-young George Lucas getting creepy with Carrie Fisher.


Could this thing look any sweatier?

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He was tortured by terrifying ewok-filled nightmares throughout his childhood, but things are cool now.