The 9 Best Bar Carts Under $150

Knowing how to mix a proper cocktail is one of those fundamental life skills you must master once you reach adulthood. And it's equally important to understand how to properly showcase all your top-notch hooch at home. To help you build the foundations for a sophisticated home bar without breaking the bank, we rounded up 9 of the best bar carts under $150 on the market today. 

1. The Outdoor Wood Cart

If you're already set up indoors but need something to roll your bottles of Rosé and bubbly around on in the backyard, this shorea wood option should serve you well. It's stocked with a few storage compartments and is pre-treated to protect it from the weather. 

2. Chrome With Tempered Glass

This sleek modern setup has two long and wide black tempered glass shelves to stash a fully-stocked supply of bottles, glasses, decanters, tools, and garnishes.

3. The Round Dar Rolling Cart

A solid choice for either a studio apartment or even your office, this petite chrome-framed take features two black glass trays, protective side rails, and four locking casters. 

4. The Removable Tray Top

Price: $143
This narrow, three-tiered white wooden setup is the perfect choice for tighter spaces, and features a handy removable tray should the party unexpectedly relocate into uncharted territory.

5. The Industrial Modern Cart

Ideal for anyone who prefers a less conventional aesthetic, this "heavy duty" cart may look as though it rolled right out of a corporate mailroom, but it's perfectly suited to hold any and all of your booze-related niceties. 

6. The Teal Indoor/Outdoor Folding Metal Cart

The perfect party cart, this guy collapses for easy storage when not in use, but otherewise serves as a colorful, modern, and super-sturdy showcase for all your drink ephemera.

7. Three-Tiered Glass Cart

This crisp and clean chrome setup suits any sleek modern space, whether that be a living room full of contemporary furniture or a CEO's sun-soaked corner office.

8. The Baxton Studio Collapsible Trolley

Another great option for smaller spaces, Baxton's sleek and modern trolley has plenty of room for your full lineup of glassware and booze, plus there's a built-in basket for garnishes and whatever other incidentals you need on hand. And when you're not using it, the whole rig folds up thin enough to be stashed out of sight.

9. Mirrored Veneta Serving Cart

The mirror-bottomed trays on this one will add a gleaming element to your entire spread of glasses and bottles, and brighten up whatever room it's in.

BONUS: The Sauder International Satin Gold Cart

It may be slightly over-budget, but we couldn't help but include this guy. From a company that's been turning out top-quality furniture since the 1920s, this sculptural mid-century modern piece features a gold frame and two tempered glass shelves silkscreened with a unique geometric pattern.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, where the bar is always stocked.

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