17 Bedrooms You Would Have Killed For As A Kid

Unless you were incredibly lucky, your childhood bedroom probably looked miserably mediocre up against the cooler-than-cool fictional spreads of Richie Rich and Ferris Bueller. However, there's a slew of charmed real-life kids today whose home hideaways will make even the adult you jealous. Something tells us "go to your room" isn't an appropriate punishment for the parents behind these 17 incredibly designed havens.

1. The Pit Stop

2. The Indoor Treehouse

3. The Calvin And Hobbes Clubhouse

4. The Town Square

5. The Athlete's Corner

6. The Outlaw's Hideout

7. The Jungle Den

8. The Supercar Sleeper

9. The Captain's Cabin

10. The Adventurer's Fort

11. The League Lounge

12. The Treetop Lair

13. The Mini Aviator's Chamber

14. The Construction Zone

15. The Castaway

16. The Rock Climber's Retreat

17. The Little Lodge

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and is genuinely jealous of all of these.

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