The Month's Best Coffee Table Books, November 2014 Edition

As much as you may want to show off your beautiful new coffee table, leaving it naked is such a terrible waste. To help inspire you and liven things up, here are our eight favorite coffee table books this month.


As marijuana continues its race towards legalization, the possibilities for partaking are expanding rapidly. Herb is what you would get if Ina Garten published an entire gourmet cookbook surrounding one specific ingredient: weed. It goes far beyond the pedestrian brownies and cookies, and delves into the realm of bone-in ribeye steaks and butternut squash soup. This is important. 

Ando. Complete Works.

An updated compendium of influential self-taught architect Tadao Ando’s work around the world, this 720-page stunner includes photos of his most memorable structures, which contemporaries like Philippe Starck and critics like to describe as “land art.”

Studio 54

A portal back to the coolest nightclub of all time, this trove of photographer Tod Papageorge’s favorite candid shots from 54’s heyday captures the essence of hedonism and debauchery that served as its foundation. Caution: many extremely dead-eyed people looking fabulous ahead. [More...]

Bettie Page: Queen of Curves

If you’re looking for a tasteful compilation of never-before-seen erotic photos of the most iconic pin-up girl of all time, stop what you’re doing and order this.

The Big Book Of Bacon

An homage to America’s favorite succulent snack, this volume provides an elevated yet nonetheless mouthwatering take on everything from BLTs to pork underbelly-aided desserts. Get in on this.

Escapes: Fourth Edition

This extended visual love letter to the world’s most lustworthy winding mountainous passes features a fresh batch of aerial photos from all across Europe. Be careful to hide your credit card while flipping through though, as you’ll risk hastily booking trips to all of the Alpine towns in here.


It's not news that pictures of cabins are awesome. A book entirely stuffed with photos of the coolest cabins around the world? No brainer, people. [More...]

Every Day Is Play

A visual history of video game culture past and present, this 300+ page hardback is filled with art from some of the most talented and prolific gaming artists around the world, showing the evolution of it as a medium that even non-gamers can appreciate.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and advises buying Herb and The Big Book Of Bacon together.

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