This Is The Grill George Foreman Should Have Invented

Published On 03/12/2015 Published On 03/12/2015
Best Indoor Grill For Home - Cinder Is George Foreman Grill Competitor

Does anyone else find it odd that George Foreman will forever be remembered for his landmark contribution to indoor grilling and not his illustrious boxing career? That's like Justin Bieber's bad tattoos outliving all the awful things he's done—namely his abandoned pet monkey, the multiple instances of public urination, and his distinct lack of boxing skills.  

But no more monkey business, let's talk about Cinder—the home grill with a brain.


In addition to providing a uniformly hot surface, the grill has smart sensors that automatically adjust to the proper temperature, taking the guesswork out of your cooking.


It seems like every household appliance has an accompanying app these days, and Cinder is no different. Available on iPhone and iPad, you can remotely control the heat, allowing you to make medium-rare or medium-well from the comfort of your couch.


Steak, chicken, fish—all cooked to perfection every single time with precise temperature control at your fingertips. Just don't burn your fingertips. 

Your move, Foreman.



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