The 9 Best Modular Home Builders On The Market Today

Prefab homes get a bad rap for being bland and boring, and truthfully, suburbia's been plagued by uninspired factory-made houses for decades. Thankfully, there are a growing number of builders dedicated to giving the modular pad a modern facelift without straying from the simplicity or competitive pricing that made them so popular in the first place.

To help you better navigate the murky waters of modern-day semi-DIY homebuilding, here are 9 of the greatest prefab designers on the market today.

1. Method Homes

Starting price:$95,000
Our pick:M Series
With eight different series of designs to choose from, Method's homes range from the traditional cottage style to ultra-modern, and they'll work with you and a team of architects to tailor your model choice to the plot of land you'll be putting it on. 

2. House Port

Starting price:$65,000
Our pick:Estate House Port
Each of these customizable single-story spreads is constructed using a series of one, two, or three panel-walled "cubes" to create the desired layout of living areas, bedrooms, utility spaces, and kitchen. Then, to protect them from the elements, the whole structure gets covered by the unique "House Port" element: a sprawling and flat galvanized metal roof.

3. Wheelhaus

Starting price:$82,000
Our pick: The Wedge
These energy-efficient and luxurious rolling homes are offered in eight customizable base models, each inspired by the durability and quality craftsmanship found in old-school log cabins, but equipped with totally modern layouts and state-of-the-art amenities. The best part? Set-up is dead simple: once delivered, they take just 2 to 5 days to set up and hook up to utilities.

4. Ma Modular

Starting price:$150 per square foot
Our pick:T-Plan
The brainchild of an Austin-based design company, Ma offers six unique modern floor plans between 525 and 1,660 square feet, each delivered to you all-inclusive. In less than 180 days, they'll drop off a finished home to your plot of land, complete with plumbing, electrical fixtures, and appliances. 

5. Little House On The Trailer

Starting price:$34,000
Our pick:Tiny Home
Offering four different but equally charming base models, this outfit specializes in creating easily assembled spreads that perfectly suit smaller plots of land. From backyard art studios or offices, to guest homes and holiday bungalows, they'll set you up with an exceptional pad for a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay for something built on-site.

6. weeHouse

Starting price: $80,000
Our pick: Custom 3x
Hatched by the brilliant architectural firm Alchemy, the weeHouse is a prefabricated home based on a series of stacked "blocks," which can be arranged and layered in all manner of custom positions to create anywhere between 300 and 2,400 square feet of living area, all depending on your budget and zoning restrictions.

7. Blu Homes

Starting price:$145,000
Our pick:Breezehouse
Currently our favorite of the bunch, Blu Homes takes the idea of prefab to the next level with their selection of seven architecturally stunning base designs. The Breezehouse, pictured above, is their crown jewel, and can be customized to feature up to five bedrooms and five bathrooms. Plus, if you're just looking to add some extra space to your current abode, they also offer special self-contained 633-square-foot "pods" that can be tacked on like a traditional home addition.

8. LivingHomes 

Starting price:$139,000
Our pick:RK2
Touting their incredibly eco-conscious approach to production, LivingHomes currently offers three lines of single- and multi-family dwellings, designed under the supervision of a rockstar team of three different world-class architects, all of whom achieved LEED Silver certifications.

9. Rocio Romero LV Series

Starting price:$6,000
Our pick:LVL Home
Meant to bridge the indoors with nature, each of these gorgeous minimalist homes is best suited to sit in an area with great views, since each one—no matter how big or small your custom configuration—features entire walls of floor-to-ceiling windows.

Joe McGauley is a custom-configured senior editor at Supercompressor.

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