These 8 Buddies Just Built Tiny Modern Houses Next To Each Other

A group of four couples from Austin really took forming a neighborhood homeowners' association to a new level when they all decided to get off the grid, build tiny homes next to each other, and make their own settlement in the middle of nowhere near the Llano River. They called their new spot Bestie Row, because what makes friendships stronger than breaking ground on eco-friendly tiny homes together?

The compound has four 350-square-foot tiny houses, which each cost around $40,000 and were designed by Austin-based architect Matt Garcia. ​There's also a 1,500-square-foot cabin with a kitchen and living area that serves as a tiny community center. 

Each house is constructed using basic materials like concrete, plywood, and metal and has a bedroom, living room, and bathroom. 

To help keep their footprint low and provide the most water possible in the dry climate, the roofs all have specialized butterfly designs that capture rainfall and channel it into cisterns across the property, which provide irrigation to the area. 

The besties don't live here full-time though—which is great for you if you like what you see—they rent the compound out while they're away. Check it out here and book a trip for some minimalist tiny house vacation adventures with some of your own besties.