These Big Lebowski Oil Paintings Belong In A Museum

Joe Forkan, clearly the finest painter of the modern era, has created a series that can only be described as a masterpiece of pop culture. Using a brush and oils to elevate Roger Deakins's gorgeous cinematography into a permanent wall fixture, Forkan has beat out all the other Big Lebowski fan art to create the ultimate tribute. Even better, Forkan has added a touch of art history to the mix, modeling each one after famous paintings by the likes of Caravaggio, Titian, and more.

Prints from his masterful series are available here. You can ball out with the full $3,500 complete set of glicée prints, or you can take it easy, man, with a $28 poster for your dorm wall. Just make sure you get a good frame. 

The Death of Marat (After David)

2008, Oil on linen, 96-inches by 58-inches.

The Raft of the Medusa (After Géricault)

2011, Oil on linen, 84-inches x 144-inches

The Agony in the Garden (After Carracci)

2006-2011, Oil on linen, 76-inches x 48-inches

Baptism of Christ (After Carracci)

2011, Oil on linen 24-inches x 38-inches

The Lamentation (after di Bondone?)

2006-2011, Oil on linen 72-inches x 40-inches

Ecce Homo (After Guercino)

2009, Oil on linen, 72-inches x 40-inches

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas (after Caravaggio)

2014, Oil on Linen 72-inches x 40-inches

Sacred and Profane Love (After Titian)

2011, Oil on linen, 72-inches x 40-inches

The Taking of Christ (After Caravaggio)

2009, Oil on linen, 72-inches x 40-inches

The Deposition from the Cross (After Pontormo)

2011, Oil on linen, 72-inches x 40-inches

Ethan Wolff-Mann is Supercompressor's resident art critic. He played Gertrude Stein in the movie Midnight in Paris.