Biltsharp's Handmade Knives Are Works of Art

Tools are, well, tools. They exist to build, tinker, and fix in the service of something else. But that doesn't mean they can't be examples of virtuoso craftsmanship themselves.

A perfect example of having exhibition-worthy tools, Biltsharp knives take the simple act of cutting to another level. These are the Samurai swords for your kitchen, bathroom, and mantle.

Biltsharp's chef's knives—one of the few things that aren't completely sold out—are $650 for a reason. The blade is a work of art unto itself, with beautiful designs reminiscent of classic Middle Eastern swords with swirling patterns cut in the steel.

But it's not just about the 8-inches of full tang, or, 1095 clay-tempered carbon steel—the handles, too, are magnificent. Made with various woods, metals, marble and other materials, Biltsharp plays with color and design in a way that's foreign to most people, who are accustomed to the sterile efficiency of a Henckels.

Though most of the other non-chef models aren't currently available, Biltsharp isn't just about the kitchen. This straight razor is without a doubt one of the most absurd but actually really cool ways a person could shave. Ultra-sharp damascus steel with a hollow ground? Facial hair doesn't stand a chance in hell.

If you get any of these, just remember to live by Biltsharp's mantra for knife care: "Never ride it hard and put it away wet. Steel rusts, even stainless steel."

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He currently has a cut on his finger. Follow him on Instagram.

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