The Breville Grind Control Makes A Perfect Cup Of Coffee, Every Damn Time

Breville's new and expertly-named Grind Control is here, and it uses bleeding edge technology to make sure you get a perfect mug of brew every single time—even if it's just a lone cup. With a bevy of temperature controls, an insulated carafe to keep your joe piping hot, and five customizable flavor options, you can brew batch after batch suited to your (probably) impeccable taste.

The patented BrewIQ® System makes sure the brew temperature and bean-to-H2O ratio is perfectly calibrated each time. And frankly, I trust anything with a little "®" after it. 

Feel free to let the beans flow, young barista. Even if you just want one cup, the Grind Control is smart enough to know exactly how much it needs to grind, and how to get the most flavor out of your java of choice. 

I've honestly never been this impressed by a carafe before, but this sucker keeps your brew piping hot for hours without overheating and burning the joe. Seriously, you'll want to be careful

The Grind Control is a total breeze to clean, opening up smoothly if you need to give it a wipe-down. 

It's even smart enough to brew coffee the way you like it, whenever you'd like it, with an option to build a "flavor profile" that's saved in the system.

Bottom line: at the very reasonable price point of $250, this is a brewer worth investing in. It's ostensibly a one-touch system contained in a sleek counter-top unit. Never suffer through your Keurig again.

Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Supercompressor. He considers himself to be expertly brewed. Follow him @WilFulton.

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