Finally, High-Tech Cubicles You'd Actually Want to Work In

Published On 05/13/2015 Published On 05/13/2015
Brody WorkLounge

Social working environments can be conducive to daily happiness, but also terribly distracting. Here to solve your open office woes is the Brody WorkLounge, a cubicle with privacy screens that reintroduces visual and auditory quiet into your buzzing workspace.


Every part of the seat is ergonomically designed to enhance comfort and productivity. On the chair itself, back support eliminates lower back gap-induced discomfort (it's a thing!). The desk can also be adjusted up to a 40" angle to match your eye level and reduce shoulder strain. To round out the micro-office experience, the WorkLounge is equipped with storage space, power outlets, and an LED light. 

Now, with your body completely relaxed, pull up those privacy screens and relax into a looong nap, er, spreadsheet. 

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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