Brooklyn's $18 Million Dollar Penthouse Clock Apartment Is Still For Sale

Perhaps the coolest apartment that exists in New York City was listed for sale 21 months ago. And it still is. 

The not-quite-iconic-but-still-incredibly-recognizable clock-tower house in Brooklyn's water-front DUMBO neighborhood remains on the market—having not budged from its initial $18 million listing—just taunting someone with enough cash and cache to finally move in.

Someone please do and call me. Actually no, text me. Talking on the phone's annoying. 

Here's a little perspective: if you put down a standard 20% ($3.6 million), your monthly mortgage payment would be, get ready for it, $74,005/month. Not to mention cable for $59.99—that's how they get ya. 

Money doesn't buy happiness; it buys pure bliss. The triplex has four 14-foot glass clocks surrounding its square top, which is pretty much the perfect backdrop for any activity one could do in an apartment—dinner parties, games of Twister, and watching Netlifx are all enhanced by the beauty. 

The only drawback would be having to put your phone on airplane mode all the time to save yourself from hosting every single person you know every single night. 

On left: the view of Manhattan from the balcony. On right: the exterior.

I'm going to be sick. 

Millionaires/billionaires: they're just like you and me, except with a lot more money and better looking and funnier and smarter and wittier and better at Scrabble.

Ryan Hatch is the deputy editor for Supercompressor. His iPhone screen has been shattered for over four months now. It's actually not a big deal; he can still Tweet from it.