All The Cabin Porn You Want In One Beautiful Book

As exhilarating as city living can be, nothing beats having a place to escape to in the country, even if it's tiny. There's a certain...clarity that comes with country cabin life. Tapping into that vein, Taschen has just unveiled a gorgeous hardcover coffee table book entitled Cabins, flush with incredible photos and illustrations exploring the many, many possibilities of low-impact living.

Careful though, it's more than enough to convince yourself to escape reality and go off the grid for good. 

The 464-page volume features a carefully selected variety of existing homes that cover all the bases, architecturally speaking, from the rustic to the futuristic. And they're plucked from idyllic corners all around the globe, dousing your yearning for cabin living with a dangerous dose of wanderlust.

As far from the Evil Dead-style stereotype as you can get, the 61 highlighted properties in here have all been designed by leading architects, and each captures a sense of serenity in their own unique ways.

Need some inspiration for your dream lakeside sanctuary? There's plenty of that.

Okay, so maybe there are some slight creepy-horror-movie-cottage vibes, but don't let that distract you from getting into the whole serenity thing.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He actually really enjoyed Cabin Fever. Check it out, maybe?