There Are Three Literal Castles For Sale In The Bronx Right Now

When people think of the Bronx, they usually think of high crime rates, Yankee Stadium, and high crime rates. But in reality, there's a lot to love about New York's Northernmost borough. In fact, there's a wealth of hidden, ritzy gems scattered throughout this oft-beleaguered, underrated destination.

Case in point: these three, absurd, actual castles, that seem straight out of the pages of Hans Christian Anderson, but are in reality just a stones throw away from America's biggest city. And the best part? You can own all three. Right. Now. 

Bronx castle #1 is a gorgeous, 10-room, five-bedroom, 5,158-square-foot French Provincial crafted by famed French architect Frank Forster, and located in the well-to-do Riverdale section of the Bronx. 

Though constructed in 1926, this castle is packed with modern amenities (like a wealth of Bose speakers throughout the pad) to counter the pseudo-medieval feel that is echoed inside and out of the property. The castle, situated inside Riverdale's protected neighborhood of Fieldston, is going for $3,550,000

Bronx castle #2, the aptly-named "Knightwood," is another Riverdale-based gem that has fluctuated on and off the market since 2007. Currently, the Norman-style mansion is on the market for a cool $8.6 million, and with a backyard swimming pool, waterfall, and palatial 1.6 acre yard, it may just be worth it. 

The 1930s castle/house also comes with a 100-year-old, six-bedroom carriage house, which (let's face it) is probably nicer than most of the houses we grew up in. 

Bronx castle #3, also located in Riverdale (okay, I'm pretty sure Riverdale is just the castle district of New York) is on the block for steep $3.95 million. It features nine bedrooms, 8 baths, and also the sense of entitlement you only get from living in a gargantuan castle. 

And this kids, is what the inside of a castle looks like. (Suits of armor and flying butresses not pictured). 

H/T Curbed

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