The Terrifying Yet Idyllic Beach House Of Your Dreams

There's nothing quite like falling asleep and waking up to the peaceful sound of crashing waves. There's also nothing quite like waking up to the fact that a few rogue steps away is a long, hard fall down into said waves. Beautifully marrying both of those things is the Casa en Buchupureo.

Balanced atop a cliff in the beach city of Buchupureo, Chile, the place is about the size of a small one-bedroom apartment, around 600 square feet.

The home is divided into two living areas — one private, one public — which are separated by an open-air passageway. Notice the roof shingling? It's a mosaic of flagstone meant to mimic the look of the cliffs it's perched above.

The bedroom sits off to the right, giving the sense that you're nestled somewhere between a tiny forest and a really giant lake. At least until you get out of bed and walk over to the living room...

...where you soon realize your house is basically floating hundreds of feet above the ocean. But just take your cue from the dog and chill the hell out.

There's plenty of room to kick back and take it all in. Maybe even mix up a few caiparinhas or something for whoever's stopped by.

Just make sure you're not throwing them back willy nilly without attaching yourself to some sort of secure harness. Falling off that ledge is a million times worse than a hangover, mostly because you'll be dead.

Come to think of it, maybe move that chair a little closer inside.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He tries to remain as chill as this golden retriever at all times.