Delete Clutter From Your Tiny Apartment At The Push Of A Button

Making it easier than ever to dominate your spring cleaning, urBin is a new bin storage service that picks up whatever crap is cramping your style at home, securely stashes it remotely for as long as you need, and delivers it to you the moment you want it back. No need to bribe that friend-of-a-friend with a pickup to make a trip to the self storage lot ever again. Check out their special offer for Supercompressor readers below.

Currently just available in the New York and New Jersey metro areas, you can request as many of their 20 x 20 x 40-inch plastic bins as you need (at $20 per month). They'll drop 'em off for you to fill up and then lug them away to a secure facility. Or, if you're looking to ditch larger items like furniture, they'll arrange for a pickup. No need to sweat anyone messing with your items along the way; you lock each and every bin, and you're the only one with a key.

When the time comes to retrieve something — whether its your patio furniture, holiday decorations, or all the gear you've been waiting to unpack until you found a bigger place — just request the particular bin(s) via their website and it'll be back in your hands within 24 hours.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and has seen more episodes of Storage Wars than he cares to admit.

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