Clone Your Beloved Dead Pets into Stuffed Animals

Everybody take a second to chill, no one will be messing around with your beloved cat's skin after it dies, regardless of how cool taxidermy can be. Cuddle Clones is a straightforward-non-creepy service that simply creates a stuffed animal based on the likeness of your pet. Totally great to have around your apartment, because it's not at all weird, like this is.

Here's how it works: send in a detailed photograph of the animal you want to immortalize and, in four months, you'll get a plush lookalike. Each plush is made from polyester and acrylic and is detailed with water-based airbrushing techniques to get the color down perfectly. 

You can choose to have your clone standing, sitting or lying down—because, I'd be incredibly impressed if your animal knows how to do any other position. 

It's a lot like Blade Runner, except without all the murder. If you're not into the whole stuffed animal scene (i.e. you're over the age of six) you can get a small figurine of your pet within four weeks of placing an order.

That's the kind of thing that looks good and totally-not-weird on your mantle. 

Dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs—these guys have done it all—check out the gallery to see the wealth of figurines and plush clones for those loving people out there who can't seem to find the proper outlet for their grief. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and had a pet lobster who he loved until it accidentally wandered into the bathtub.