15 Hacks For Your Nightmarish Closet

Published On 03/27/2015 Published On 03/27/2015
Closet Hacks

Even if the weather refuses to cooperate, the time for spring cleaning is upon us. If you've got an overflowing mess in your closet, we're here to help you tame the beast.

Here are 15 hacks that prove you can do some big things in a little closet.

Ikea Hackers

1. If you don't have a walk-in, make one

The entire world is a closet if you try hard enough. Using the KALLAX Series from Ikea, you can turn a blank wall into the cavernous closet of your dreams, with hanging and storage space.


2. Double your hanging space

A hanging rod like this one from Amazon hooks on to the bar in your closet and instantly adds twice the space in seconds. 


3. Make your hangers work overtime

Attaching a soda can top over your hangers gives you a second slot for more items, that'll be neatly staggered instead of just shoved in there.


4. Bulletin boards aren't just for school

Hanging ties and hats on pegs in a cork board makes for customizable storage that'll lie flat against the wall.

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5. If you haven't worn it in a year, throw it away

Or better yet, sell it or donate it and get a tax write-off. You can't start organizing if your closet is overflowing with things you never use anymore. Giving yourself a cut-off time frame can help you make the tough calls of what stays and what goes.

Architecture Art Designs

6. Finally put empty wine boxes to use

Sure. You have so many empty wine crates lying around because you "had a party." Use the conveniently shoe-sized slots to keep your pile of sneakers off the floor for good.

The Container Store

7. Stock up on see-through storage

Lining the top or bottom of your closet with extra items you don't wear as frequently creates extra space. To avoid constantly tearing through those bins trying to remember what the hell you put in there, try these clear drop-front containers


8. Try nontraditional hangers 

The KOMPLEMENT hanger from Ikea keeps your ties and scarves in one place for condensed storage.

Ana White

9. Put a shelf on your closet door

Many closets have a lot of dead space around the door frame that sits unused. With a plyboard, you can build a custom shelving unit to make the most of every square inch.


10. Use rubber bands to keep clothes in place

Nothing makes a tiny closet seem even smaller than a layer of clothes a foot deep on the floor. Keep your things from sliding off their hangers by wrapping rubber bands around the edges.

11. Install a sliding pants rack

To keep slacks wrinkle-free and neatly displayed, try a sliding rack in your closet. Check out the tutorial here.


12. Put your shoes in PVC pipes

These plastic tubes are ridiculously versatile. Cutting them into small sections and mounting them to your wall makes for a statement piece that's also highly functional.

Ikea Hackers

13. Turn a trivet into a tie rack

Its original use may be for storing hot dishes in the kitchen, but it's also a pro at storing your ties. Check out how you can convert one here.


14. Try an over-the-door closet rod

Still need more space? Grab one of these babies and stash your shirts on your door's barren backside.

15. Learn to fold like a pro

To keep your clothing neat and wrinkle-free, try Lifehacker's folding tip. Sweaters should wrap around the hanger, rather than go on it, to avoid those annoying shoulder bumps prolonged hanging creates.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She moved a month ago, and still has boxes all over her floor. Send help. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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