20 Cool As Hell Shipping Container Homes

It might seem crazy that people go out of their way to transform industrial shipping containers into mini (and not-so-mini) homes, but wait 'till you see the results. Not only are they a more eco-friendly and affordable alternative to building from scratch, but these upcycled specimens are putting the designs of their traditional counterparts to shame. 

Grillagh Water House

Maghera, Ireland

Containers Of Hope

San Jose, Costa Rica

The Cubes In Cove Park

Helensburgh, Scotland

Caterpillar House

Santiago, Chile

Container House Lille

Lille, France

Mountainside Container House

Nederland, Colorado

Brazilian Furniture Showroom

São Paulo, Brazil

Casa El Tiemblo

El Tiemblo, Spain

The Sunlight Residence

Los Angeles, California

San Antonio Guest House

San Antonio, Texas

Backyard Office/Garden


Outdoor Rooms


Container Home Airbnb

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Old Lake Highlands House

Old Lake Highlands, Texas

Sauna Box


Savannah Forest Hideaway

Savannah, Georgia

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, and would pay exactly zero dollars to cross the ocean in a ship's cargo hold.

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