17 Ridiculously Cool Home Bars

For most people, a well-stocked bar cart or liquor cabinet makes a perfectly acceptable home bar. Though they'd likely change their story after scrolling through these incredible at-home drinking dens.

Whether or not you have the space or resources to set up one like the 17 below, there's nothing wrong with a little aspirational inspiration. Enjoy.

1. The Ballroom

For those of you looking to spice up your sizable spare room with a hearty dose of opulence, you may want to consider installing a chandelier, built-in mirrored shelves, and a handsome wooden island. No more worrying about where to host the after party.

2. The Airport Lounge

Pair ultra-modern stools with a long sleek bar, luxury appliances, and standout lighting, and you've fashioned yourself a private bar on par with those found in American Express's new luxury airport lounges.

3. The Basement

Best tornado shelter ever?

4. The Clever Use Of Weird Wood

Not that you have a door-sized sheet of bulbous wood laying around, but if you did, it's one clever way to conceal a cabinet full of liquor bottles and glassware.

5. The Library

Books and booze go together like bread and butter. Or bread and booze? Or booze and... anything? Whatever. The point is, this cozy coupling is perfect.

6. The Speakeasy

If your basement is already a dark, dank space full of liquor, a traditional dimly lit speakeasy-style setup may be the be the easiest way to go. It's important not to skimp on the details though, and give it the sort of detailing you'd be comfortable showing off under brighter lights.

7. The Indoor Pool

Admittedly a bit of a stretch considering it requires the whole indoor pool thing, this sexy setup screams after-party. And pre-party. Hell, you are the party if this is in your house.

8. The Hotel Suite

There's something to be said for the use of restraint in this classic take on the at-home watering hole. It vaguely resembles a bar you might find in an elegant hotel suite, and incorporates all the essentials: comfortable chairs, candy, a flat screen, and most importantly, booze. Lots of it.

9. The "Kitchen"

If space is an issue, here's an option: keep an on-demand bar tucked just out of sight above the counter. It's not in the way while you're prepping dinner, but right there should you feel compelled to mix something strong while waiting for the water to boil.

10. The Lodge

This wood-covered spread is the ultimate rustic cocktail den. Complete with several candlelabra chandeliers, it looks as though it was pulled straight out of an old-school après-ski lounge, and is all but begging you to sip whiskey there all winter long.

11. The Midcentury Modern

Channelling those heady days when drinking anywhere and all the time was standard practice, this setup, which is hidden behind a pair of wooden doors, wouldn't look out of place on one of Matthew Weiner's notoriously true-to-life Mad Men sets. 

12. The Saloon

Straight out of the Wild West, all you need to pull this off is plenty of wood panelling, warm lighting, parlor music, and a general sense of lawlessness.

13. The Vegas Penthouse

Perhaps even more inviting (read: better) than the other pool-aided bar on this list, this intricately lit and seductively furnished option looks more exclusive than some of the most swank bars and clubs this side of the Atlantic.

14. The Repurposed Water Tower

So long as you're cool introducing a distinctly DIY aesthetic to your place, this formica-topped wooden water tower remnant is the perfect height to stand and serve drinks to your guests.

15. The Diplomat's Quarters

This white-washed den straddles the line between office and lounge, with the sort of seating, surface, and storage needed to host professional meetings, happy hours, or professional happy hour meetings. 

16. The Secret Stash

Even though it's designed to hide behind a set of doors, these clandestine cabinets are meticulously crafted from rare woods by Italian furniture maker Toncelli Cucine, who outfits them each with all the equipment needed to maintain a proper wine bar, including a chilling fridge, ample bottle storage, plenty of glassware, and a litter of silver accessories.

17. The Gatsby

There's something distinctly regal and sophisticated about this curved, towering take on a lounge, particularly with the wooden detailing and the hanging marble busts. Excuse me, barkeep?

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. His favorite bars are any you can swim up to.

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