7 Impossible Underwater Hotels That Actually Exist

Published On 03/26/2015 Published On 03/26/2015
Underwater hotels
Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel

If you're craving an untraditional vacation, you can score a lofty treetop rental or hit the road in a tiny dream home. You can even hitch a ride on a floating city. But if your travel tastes are a bit more marine-minded, check out these seven unfathomable underwater hotels ready to take your adventuring to new depths—and a few lust-worthy concepts that will hopefully be real someday.

Dive in.

Atlantis The Palm

1. Atlantis The Palm

The Palm Island, Dubai
Floor-to-ceiling windows adorn the Poseidon and Neptune underwater suites of this massive resort. For just $7,078 a night, amenities include access to their sprawling aquarium which houses 65,000 marine animals, and—equally impressive—free Wi-Fi. [See more]

Atlantis The Palm
Atlantis The Palm
Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel

2. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel

Rangali Island, Maldives
Tucked away on scenic Rangali Island off the southern coast of India, the Conrad hotel wants to give you an up close and personal dining experience with the local wildlife, namely manta rays, dolphins, and even sharks. Their famed Ithaa Undersea Restaurant sits 16 feet underwater and offers panoramic views of your oceanic surroundings. So maybe don’t order the fish—they can see you. For very special patrons, they’ve even been known to convert the dining room into a bedroom. [See more]

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel

3. Utter Inn

VästerĂĄs, Sweden
If your tastes are a bit less lavish, then you’ll want to consider artist Mikael Genberg’s installation on Lake Mälaren for your below-the-surface adventure. The tiny house is constructed in typical Swedish style and allows entry to a cozy room for two that bobs right below sea level. [See more]

Wikimedia Commons
The Manta Resort

4. The Manta Resort

Pemba Island, Zanzibar
“The Underwater Room” at this hotel off the eastern coast of Tanzania is a sequestered floating oasis with views of tropical fish abounding. Add to that a rooftop lounge and pretty much instant access to snorkeling, and it’s well worth the  $1,500 per night price tag. [See more]

Oliver's Travels

5. The Lovers Deep 

Off the coast of any Caribbean Island
Screw the Mile-High Club, you can now be a card-holding member of the Mile-Low Club on the Lovers Deep, a submarine experience designed to take your funny business to new depths. For a cool $140k per person each night, you can score the aphrodisiac package that offers free champagne upon arrival, and optional rose petals scattered on the bed. [See more]

Oliver's Travels
Niyama Resort

6. Subsix at Niyama Resort

Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives
Another aquatic dining option is Subsix at the Niyama Resort, named for its location six meters below the water, with a backdrop of the stunning Indian Ocean. Nosh on bites like a crab couscous with fennel and sip on inventive cocktails made with Cachaca, lime, strawberries, and balsamic vinegar. [See more]

Paul Reiffer
Paul Reiffer

7. Lime Spa at Huvafen Fushi

North Male Atoll, Maldives
If you want to relax with submerged ocean views but are too claustrophobic for a full night’s stay, the spa at Huvafen Fushi is the way to go. Kick back in the Lonu Veyo, a saltwater floatation pool, or just stare hypnotically at the fish outside. [See more]

Huvafen Fushi
Karine Rousseau

And now for some that don't exist—yet—but should...

8. Poseidon Resorts

Though it was set to open in 2008, this palatial resort never broke ground on the Fijian paradise, which was to boast a gym, bar, 25 suites, as well as a whopping $13k per night price tag, though there’s a wait list of 150,000 people clamoring to stay. [See more]

Karine Rousseau

9. Hydropolis

Another over-the-top mega resort that never was, Hydropolis would have had a noiseless train to transport guests from land underwater, and would have been roughly the size of London’s Hyde Park. Unfortunately, the $650 million cost never reached full funding and their 2006 open date was canceled.

Deep Ocean Technology

10. Water Discus Underwater Hotel

Still in concept phase as well, the Water Discus Underwater Hotel would provide luxurious accommodations in two disc-shaped structures, one above and below the water. A diving center and specialized lighting to improve your photo-taking down below is clearly aimed at the #selfie generation. [See more]

Deep Ocean Technology
Deep Ocean Technology

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