Transform Your Kitchen Table Into A Ping Pong Utopia

Let's call it like it is: your current digs may not be the dream abode you pictured as a kid, complete with game room and home arcade. And forget a "gaming" table, your only table is probably the one where you eat dinner. Here to transform your kitchen into a rec-room is CorkNet, a collapsible ping pong net that's ready for game time when you need it, and discretely folds away when you don't.

The full set comes with rackets, balls, plus the weighted cork dividers, which serve as the net. Measuring at 31.5 inches long, they'll fit most kitchen tables, round or rectangular. Their free-standing design means no messing with complicated nets every time you want to play.

See that little hole in the side? That's a specialized recessed spot to store the ping pong balls, so you're not crawling around on the ground/pulling them out of your dog's mouth after each shot.

The interlocking panels make it easy to store, while the insulating properties of cork deliver a perfect mat for hot pots and pans. Let's see your dish rack do that.

An ingenious solution to boring dinners with the in-laws, or a way to seriously spice up your beer pong game, CorkNet serves up endless entertainment that folds up into a drawer when you're done.

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. Her hand-eye coordination leaves something to be desired. Follow her on Twitter @ali_drucker.

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