This Pre-Fab House Can Withstand a Hurricane

Some prefab homes come on wheels, some can weather subzero temperatures, and some are built to withstand winds up to 180 mph. Cubicco is one such house, and it's the only place you'll want to be if a hurricane strikes.

Safety has never looked so sexy.

The designers don't sacrifice security for style; the use of outdoor space and an open floor plan lend Cubicco an airy feel. You might not think floor-to-ceiling windows would be practical in a storm, but the impact-resistant glass can combat extreme wind pressures, giving you natural sunlight and peace of mind.

Available in one, two, or three bedroom models, Cubicco uses predominantly wood, cork, and rubber to maintain the flexible framework that awarded it High Velocity Hurricane Zone approval from The State of Florida. They're licensed to be placed in Miami-Dade county, which boasts some of the strictest hurricane legislation in the state.

Miami-Dade: rigid with urban planning, lax with absolutely everything else.

The kitchens feature sleek, stainless steel appliances, and can even come fitted with a washer/dryer.

What makes Cubicco all the more compelling is its commitment to sustainability. Features like rainwater harvesting and solar panels make it a low impact addition to the neighborhood. 

And since Cubicco is modular, you can pick it up and move it to a less tropical (read: far inferior) climate, because it also supports up to 10 feet of snow piled up on the roof.

Naturally, your hurricane-proof house needs its own cabana, one of the many offerings from Cubicco, and one of the many compelling arguments for abandoning the North from January to April.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. Wake her up when the air in NYC no longer hurts her face. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.