Of Course You Need A Baller Bespoke Personal Vault

If you have the means to amass a stockpile of terrifyingly valuable timepieces, jewels, and other prized possessions, you'd be wise to invest in a secure storage system of comparable caliber. And that's when you turn to the luxe bespoke safe-smiths at Stockinger.

Available in a range of sizes and styles β€” from hotel room boxes to closet-like cabinets β€” they come finished like pieces of art in all manner of lacquers, paints, and natural surfaces so as to blend in with the decor of any room. But they're much meaner than they look; the thick steel walls are filled with rocks and polymer so as to render a saw, drill, or torch break-in futile.

And should some shady character attempt to forcefully pry it open, a thin glass plate will break, activating a redundancy that permanently bolts the doors closed. They're also easily synced with existing home security systems, and sport a silent alarm feature on the (well-concealed) keypad should you ever be threatened to open it.

While there are plenty of stock models, many of which come with integrated remotely-controllable watch winders, they're all about customization, carving out specially sized compartments for whatever precious jewelry, documents, or Beanie Babies you're looking to protect. Just don't expect such state-of-the-art security to come cheap, as even the most basic models run for around $57,000.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He keeps all his valuables safe in a super-secure shoebox.