Immortalize Your Ride with Custom Laser Etched Blueprints

Once you reach a certain age, posters of exotic cars and Nirvana album covers lose their place. Enter Black Art Graphics, a small British firm making laser etched plaques of your favorite cars—or even your own car—using anodized aluminum.

It's safe to say that car posters are once again tasteful enough to hang in your living room.

A huge variety of tech drawings ranging from Pontiacs to Porsches are available on 16-inch by 11-inch sheets. Each one is actually created from photos of the cars detailed, so you can get a replica of your exact car. And yes, we mean exact. The detail is astounding, including visible brakes behind alloy wheels, headlight intricacies, and even the dashboard layout.

If you have a custom or race modified vehicle, Black Art can add the tech specs so your plaque will be unique to your car.

If that's not enough, Black Art Graphics also offers track maps and even drink coasters with wheels and brake designs. They can also create completely custom pieces and are looking to expand their product line to include motorcycles, boats and aircraft.

Black Art was started by a guy needing a unique retirement gift for his boss. He located a technical drawing of his boss’s classic Austin Healey 3000 and had it personalized and etched onto aluminum. The gift was a huge hit, which led to a Kickstarter campaign and the purchase of an industrial strength laser engraving system so everything could be done in-house.

Adding to the elegance, each piece comes in a branded gift box and a frameless hanging kit.

Now you can recapture the joy of the poster-lined walls of your youth while pretending you got the artwork for its sophistication. As for the Nirvana poster? You’re on your own.

Christian “Mental” Ward is a contributor to Supercompressor, retired Air Force Officer, frustrated racer, and actually has a Philosophy degree. He would like to remind anyone looking for a Christmas or birthday gift for him, that he has a 911.

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