Artist David Redon's Spectacularly Reimagined Vintage Ads

A unique pop-culture homage to the golden era of advertising, French graphic designer David Redon's Ads Limitum series features a whole bounty of iconic American magazine ads, billboards, and government propaganda. Except they've digitally laced with the faces of modern-day musicians peddling their own wares, who, considering Beats By Dre's recent $3.2 billion valuation, should be so eager to sell out.

Each features a musician and one of their most famous songs, which often match up with the theme of ad. Here, an alarmed looking Kurt Cobain takes in the diverse crowd at the band's ice cream shop, sans Grohl or Novoselic.

Snoop peddling a real classy Bombay Sapphire-style version of his legendary refreshment.*

*Pairs well with this.

Sooo much cooler looking than Head & Shoulders. Get on this, Roc-A-Fella.

There's no way a man like Biggie maintained such heftiness without the occasional tall stack of flapjacks. Okay, more than occasional.

This may not be hairspray, but try hard enough and it will probably burn your hair off while shooting a Pepsi commercial.

While OJ may be part of most well-balanced breakfasts, this one doesn't mix well with Juicy pancakes.

Pretty sure casino security would be all up in these twos' faces over the helmets. Who knows what fancy chip-swindling accoutrements they've got hidden in there.

The fact that Outkast never actually made or marketed soap is an absolute travesty. Shame on you, everyone.

Keep on keepin' on, Kanye. There's something about his complete lack of self-awareness that makes this an almost-believable forthcoming album cover concept.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor for Supercompressor. He would buy Outkast soap in a hot second.