Death Star Rugs Are Having A Moment

Forget everything you thought you knew about furnishing a so-called adult apartment. These two Star Wars-themed floor rugs are here and ready to give your inner younger self's toes a nerdgasm.

The slightly less epic (but still incredibly awesome) version comes from our pals at ThinkGeek, and is a 52-inch, monochromatic polyester take on the iconic space station.

The more luxurious floor-cessory comes from the folks at Totem Rugs. It's a six-foot wide, blue and white-shaded interpretation, limited to a series of only five, and hand-knotted from wool and bamboo by a faction of highly spiritual (presumably) Star Wars superfans in Tibet.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. His toes have never met a rug they didn't want to make out with.