The New Zealand Backwoods Retreat You've Always Wanted

Whether or not you're able to jetset to New Zealand for a long weekend (FYI, you can't), there's no denying how much better life would be lounging in this secluded backwoods paradise outside Auckland. Until you can make it there in person, here's an up-close look inside. Cozy and perfect. 

Designed by the team at Dorrington Atcheson Architects—Easterbrook, as it's known—is a modest-yet-airy 1,300-square foot cabin situated in the suburb of Titirangi. It was inspired by the utilitarian forms of both tent and shed. Though comparing it to a shed would be an insult; it's casual, sure, but way too nice to simply stash your tools and lawn mower.

It's positioned to take full advantage of the surrounding bush, with floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors that open out onto a patio. The separation between indoors and out is nearly indistinguishable, like camping, without all the crappy parts. Particularly the part where you have to crap outside.

The so-called kids bedroom has built-in bunks, but they're easily converted to a desk should you want to turn it into an office.

The bathroom is very zen. Perfect for bubble baths.

Though if you don't have time for that, this shower will do. It's like a full-on spa. 

The living space—like the rest of the house—is only barely wider than 13 feet at all points, and features a sunken lounge area with built-in furniture to maximize space. It's bookended by bedrooms: one for the adults, one for the kids. Or whatever, it's your life, don't bring your kids.

The wide open eat-in kitchen looks and feels much bigger than it is, thanks to clever built-ins and sprawling counter space. Careful not to hit the trampoline too soon after meals though. Been there, puked that.

We'll wait here while you look for flights.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's never been, but would move to New Zealand in a heartbeat.