This New Portable Coffee Maker Design Will Never Overextract Your Coffee

Published On 05/27/2015 Published On 05/27/2015
Fellow Duo

Coffee-making technology is constantly evolving, yet inconvenience and our chronic crunch for a.m. time still has us reaching for that archaic automatic drip machine. Enter the Duo Coffee Steeper, the latest innovation from Fellow which uses a two-step, filterless, hands-free process to bring you a creamier, richer cup of coffee every morning. 


To activate your morning buzz, add hot water and coffee grinds into the top compartment, stir, and watch as the steeper brews four perfect cups of full-flavored caffeine. Unlike a Chemex pourover, the Duo doesn't require you to stand over the vessel, pouring hot water over grinds while precious moments of your pre-work hours tick by or clean-up before you drink, and the unique design means your coffee won't ever be over-extracted like a French press.

If cold brew's more your thing, the Duo does that too. Need someone to fill in for you at work? The Duo...yeah, no, you're on your own. Grab one here for $85. 

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and doesn't remember the last weekday she didn't start with a cup of coffee. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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