Finally, Microwaved Espresso That Doesn't Suck

Say what you will about the innovative properties of the microwave — it can't brew coffee for sh*t, let alone make an espresso worth talking about. A German company called Piamo has figured out a way to bypass the radioactive flavor-killing rays of the microwave by designing a contraption that brews a damn good cup of espresso in thirty seconds flat. 

Fill up the chamber with tap water, insert an espresso pad or grounds, screw it into the attached cup, and throw it into the microwave for thirty seconds. Unscrew the cup and drink as much as you want. 

It's actually a pretty ingenious method that uses superheated water — and the ensuing steam bath — to heat up and press espresso grounds into a palatable drink. 

Jeremy Glass likes his women like he likes his coffee beans — thrown into a burlap sack and transported illegally across Central America.