You're Not High, This Lightbulb Levitates

Published On 04/24/2015 Published On 04/24/2015
Flyte levitating light bulb

We may have not lived up to Marty McFly's full vision of 2015 so far, but Flyte's levitating light bulbs bring us one vertical step closer.


The technology is pretty simple: an electromagnet located inside the base repels the magnet within the bulb, levitating it to a controlled height. When you're not using Flyte as a light fixture, you can outfit the base with a third party receiver to convert it into an iPhone-charging pad.

As if this bulb couldn't get sexier, the light "switch" is a capacitive sensor housed in the base. Touch the wood and it turns on, touch it again and it turns off. *Wink* 

Pre-order one for $249 here

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and thinks the future belongs to floating beds. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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