17 Popular Childhood Toys Worth Serious Money Now

You'll no doubt be tempted to eat and drink yourself comatose at your family's home over the holidays this year, but it may be well worth your while to get off your butt and poke around the attic for relics from your childhood. That's because quite a few toys you adored back in the day are worth a pretty penny now. And what better adult toy is there than cold, hard cash money?

To help you know what to look out for, here are 17 toys that have surprisingly increased in value over the years, well, according to eBay that is.

1. Sega Genesis

Ahh, the heady days of early '90s gaming. Video game technology has long surpassed that contained in these storied black boxes, but they're still worth a few hundreds bucks to collectors.

2. Hot Wheels Bye Focal

First introduced in 1971, this Dodge Challenger-inspired diecast mini racer was only produced for two years, and was reissued in 2003. The latter crop can bring in the big bucks these days: they're currently up for grabs for for nearly $400 apiece.

3. Talkboy

Lusted after by every single kid who watched Kevin McCallister use his in Home Alone 2, the Talkboy is in essence a cool-looking but technologically simple cassette recorder with playback speed options. Despite that, they're going for over $200 now.

4. Rocket Firing Boba Fett Figure

It's no secret that Star Wars memorabilia can bring in some coin, but these little Boba Fett figures are quite literally worth their weight in gold

5. Original Game Boy

If, per chance, you can get your old handheld Nintendo to work (and still have its original Tetris cartridge), you could be cashing in upwards of $500.

6. Power Ranger Merch

Considering there's a brand spankin' new Power Rangers blockbuster film being released in the summer of 2016, it's no surprise the wackadoo franchise has enough diehard fans to drive up the value of old PR toys. Case in point, transforming Megazords like the one above are raking in real money online.

7. First Edition Princess Dianna Beanie Baby

Most Beanie Babies are absolutely worthless these days (GASP!), but there are a few serious exceptions, like the super rare Princess Diana bear, which commands upwards of half a million dollars. Seriously.

8. Crossfire

Remember the absurdly dramatic hoverboard-heavy commercials for this game? They're still making new versions of the board game today, but the original, in good condition, could fetch over $100 online.

9. Teddy Ruxpin

Your favorite story-telling teddy bear? He's been slowly accruing value since you ditched him for bigger and better toys. In fact, a couple hundred seems to be the standard nowadays.

10. G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center

Admittedly this was a pretty baller toy back in the day as well, but if you can find it and it's still in tip-top shape, there's a chance you could snag a couple grand.

11. Cabbage Patch Dolls

Your sister's creepy old plush dolls may be incredibly lame, but if they're still in great shape they may actually bring in a few hundred bucks

12. Jurassic Park Merchandise

While it may not have Star Wars cache, the glut of JP merch from the first film is still worth something. In fact, these electronic T-Rexes are currently listed for over $200 online.

13. LEGO Trains

This particular train setup was retired in 1993 (though they've continued to make vaguely similar versions since), but it might be worth scoping out the basement because these days it could get you enough to pay for a few long-haul trips on an actual train.

14. Moon Shoes

Advertised ad nauseum on Nickelodeon back when you actually watched that channel, pairs of these original trampoline feet-sheaths are online today for over $100.

15. Furby

Ahh, those hideous interactive fur-covered nightmare fodder? Well, they're still releasing new versions, but the originals—in mint condition—are currently selling for around $500. Wait, what?!

16. Super Soakers

The world's ultimate water guns have become beastlier and more complex over the years, but the classic originals (the 50 and 100) have only grown more valuable with age.

17. Original Optimus Prime

Less flashy than any merch to come out of the Michael Bay reboot, an original 1985 version with box and all is currently listed online for nearly $5,000.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and would be giddy if his stacks of old compact discs were also accruing value right now. That might happen, right?