10 Home Hacks For The Lazy Man

Your time and energy are similar—you probably like to spend the least amount of both whenever possible.

So here to rescue you from the perils of getting up to find a bottle opener or ironing your shirts are 10 home products to make your life as blissfully lazy as possible. Go forth and get to loafing.

1. Ditch the coffee table

Couch Arm Wrap - $260
Why take up space with clunky coffee tables? With this solid wood arm rest, everything you need can be put at arm's reach, literally.

2. Juice up anywhere

U-Socket USB Wallplug - $25.00
Upgrade your switch plates to a model with USB hook ups, and you'll never be spending time searching for an outlet adapter.

3. Make your barware work double-time

Pop ‘n Pour Beer Mug - $20
Eliminate the middle man with a combo glass beer stein and bottle opener. Anything that cuts down on the beer-to-mouth time ratio is worth its weight in gold.

4. Step up your shower

The iPad Shower Curtain - $29.95
You do not have time to stop watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead  just because common decency requires you to bathe from time to time. This shower curtain comes with a waterproof sealed pocket for your iPad, plus speakers and an audio cable to make sure you don't miss a second of precious TV-watching time while you lather up.

5. Tilt on, tilt off

Tilt On/Off LCD Alarm Clock - $49
Fumbling around for the 'off' (or, more likely, 'snooze') button in the morning is draining you of valuable energy. Replace your clock with this LED version: the unique L shaped design triggers an on/off function with just a touch as you shift the clock from side to side.

6. Eliminate the iron

Hanging closet - Under $20
Suspending a closet rod with rope over a radiator will cut down on the ghastly task of ironing. A DIY project like this one frees up closet space, and the heat can help gently release wrinkles from your threads.

7. Become a hoarder

Magazine Stool - $200
This wooden platform with cushioned top and adjustable leather straps can transform a stack of magazines into extra seating in a flash. See? Now you've got a reason to hang onto all those backdated copies of Playboy. For the articles, obviously.

8. Give your arms a rest

iPad Floor Stand - $159.00
Never hold for yourself what someone (or something) else can hold for you. Prop up your tablet in this stand, and let your hands focus on more important activities.

9. Build a better bed

TekTuk - $49.95
When buying a bedside table is just too much effort, a slip-over storage case will get the job done. Made of rich, pebbled leather, this model from TekTuk will fit your phone, tablet, and even has slots to keep your headphones and chargers from getting tangled. 

10. Wrap it up

Blandito - $434.70
Replace a couch, chair, or even a bed with what is essentially a human burrito. The soft, malleable construction of the Blandito lets it adapt to whatever shape of coziness you so desire. 

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. Writing this story took too much effort. Now she needs a nap. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.