For most people living in the city, the fire escape is the only semblance of "outdoor space" available, but those rickety iron grate cages are far from inviting.

With a few quick tricks, though, you can easily transform the minuscule bit of exterior square footage into a proper balcony. To get started, here are five slick pieces of furniture guaranteed to make hanging out the back window a whole lot more comfortable.


Bruce Handrail Grill

Price: $65
Kick it like it's a suburban summer night by grilling dinner right out the window. You could opt for a portable hibachi, or play it safer with this mountable version, which rests along the railing like a flower box full of glowing hot charcoal. [See more]


balKonzept Table

Price: $140
You could risk balancing your cocktail on the ledge, putting passersby below in serious danger, or you could simply whip out this ingenious hanging bar area. [See more]


Eckling Planter

Price: $97
Rather than cluttering up the floorspace with some faux terra-cotta planters, you can cultivate a full-on herb garden along the railing's edge using one of these guys. [See more]

Torafu Architects

Sky Deck

Price: On request
The perfect size for your laptop or mini speaker, this handsome wooden platform secures to most any railing via a special locking system. [Read more]


Planter/Bird Feeder Combo

Price: $53
Tired of those schlubby ass pigeons stealing the show from their much more regal flying friends? Toss one of these bird feeder tops onto these round planters and you'll likely bring out a wider, more pleasant variety of smaller winged creatures. Or potentially just a bunch of baby pigeons. But hey, it's worth a shot! [See more]

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, and is hoping his landlord doesn't read this.



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