5 Genius Ways To Secretly Store All Your Stuff

Whether you live in a tiny studio apartment or are just exhibiting early signs of hoarder-dom, it's nice when you can easily cram your clutter out of sight. With that in mind, we've rounded up five otherwise normal-looking pieces of furniture sporting secret storage compartments, just in time for all that spring cleaning you're totally going to maybe do just a little of.

The Pinch Coffee Table

Price: $2,470
The makers of the Pinch are quick to compare it to a burlesque performer, in that it "revels in the fact that it's infinitely more tantalizing to conceal than to reveal." It does so by allowing you to show off your more high-brow mags by hanging them from their bindings via a series of taut wires, while offering up a shadowy and dark stash spot on the "pinched" end to stash the rags you'd rather keep concealed. [See more]

The Egg Mirror

Price:On request
If you'd prefer people not mistaking your entranceway for the valet kiosk, this handsome teardrop-shaped mirror conceals a panel of key hooks and tiny compartments to keep all the other little stuff you'd rather not forget when you're running out the door. [See more]

The Missy Cave

Bearing the name of where Ms. Elliot goes when she can't stand the rain, this geodesic wooden piece is a sleek-looking hollowed out side table. With a single opening on one edge, you can easily stuff random crap in the "Cave" and turn it towards the wall, or leave it empty to let your shy pets hang out in peace. [See more]

The Kai Table

As a coffee table, this short 3'x3' number looks like your typical minimalist wooden coffee table. However, once you start inspecting its edges you'll find that nearly every inch inside is hollowed out, with hidden doors revealing nearly a dozen different secret storage spots, like some prop in a magician's grand illusion. [See more]

The Podpad

The desk version of a Murphy bed, this clandestine workstation appears to be either a piece of minimalist wall-mounted art, or a simple cabinet, but reveals itself as soon as you open one of its four doors. There's a work surface, several storage compartments, and even a charging dock to juice up your phone and laptop. [See more]

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He intends to get around to spring cleaning sometime before the summer solstice.