This Next Gen Ice Maker Will Elevate Your Cocktails

You know those tiny nugget cubes of ice that keep the 85 million different flavors of Sonic drinks perfectly cold and overwhelmingly delicious? Remember when you put ice in your blender trying to make some and just ended up with a mess of chips and a busted blender? Yeah, we do, too.

That's why we're excited about Opal, a new countertop nugget ice maker from GE's FirstBuild studio out to change the normally stagnant world of ice makers, for the better.

Opal is easier to use than you might expect, with touch controls and a reasonable three-pound capacity—plus, there's no dedicated water line required, all you need is a 120v power cord. 

Head to Opal's IndieGoGo campaign and contribute $349 ($150 off the launch price of $499) to reserve one, but don't expect to see Opal at your boozy aunt's house till July 2016. We think it will be worth the wait. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He would only make Kool-Aid nugs. 

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