This Startup Will Let You Try Living In A Tiny House

The year is 2015, and the typical dream home scenario has shifted from "monstrously sprawling mega-mansion," to "teeny-tiny cabin in the woods." I'm not entirely sure why the tiny house boom has caught on with such a fervor—frankly, I'm not sure if anyone does. What I do understand though, is that if you are not sizing down with your vacation plans, you are almost definitely missing out.

That's why we are so thrilled about Getaway: the new startup that aims to put you smack dab in the middle of a bucolic forest, with your very own tiny home. If you've ever wondered what being inside one of those diminutive abodes is actually like, this may be your golden opportunity to try out the mini life. 

​Sprung from the genius-in-training minds in Harvard's Millennial Housing Lab, Getway's aim is to provide vacationers "...with everything you need to break from routine," and to benevolently " you hike your way back to balance." Basically, they hook people up with tiny cabins on wheels (approximately 160-square-feet) so you can spend a few nights out in the woods, unwinding. 

The only locations available now are "no less than a two hour drive" away from Boston, though the company hopes to expand to more locals in the near future. The booking cost is $99 per night for the first two listed locations, with additional fees added for groups larger than two, or if you want to bring your pooch along for the journey. Of course, some minor leg cramps are to be expected—it comes with the lifestyle.

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