Getty Images Is Now Framing Photos From Their Archive for $90

Used to be that the massive archive of photos at Getty Images was reserved for editorial use, and for a fee. Then in March, they went ahead and made millions of them embeddable for free. Then this week they continued on their spree of awesome and launched, a new site where you can buy framed versions of their greatest images — on canvases as large as 48 by 32 inches — for as little as $90. That means you can score fine art prints from photographers whose work goes for thousands of dollars in galleries without selling a kidney. We did some browsing and found a few favorites.

Mint 400 Motocross Race - Bill Eppridge

Simpsons of Picadilly - Alexander 'Sasha' Stewart

The Rolling Stones - David Redfern

Poolside Glamour - Slim Aarons

Give Me Five - Len Trievnor

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at He could spend an entire afternoon clicking around through the archive and still want to see more.