25 Gorgeous Prefab Houses And The Cheapest Land In Every State To Put Them On

Wanna get away?

Sure you do. Well, I'm here to help—your dream of disappearing into the wilderness just became much more feasible and actually kind of luxurious. Below are 25 of the sexiest prefabricated houses available in America today, paired with the cheapest land available for sale in every state*. Do you have any idea what sort of land $2,500 can get you in this country!? Here's knowing you'll be just as shocked as I am.

(*All real estate from Zillow.)

1. Origin

Sq. Feet: varies
Beds/baths: 2; 1-2

Where to Build

Arizona: It blows me away that $1,100 buys 7,100 square feet of land in this world—but in Concho, Arizona, this is reality. Why are you not doing this right now? Why am I not? More details: "...Taxes are $5." Taxes are 5 dollars—um, okay—and all you have to do to move in is sweep up some pebbles.

Missouri: Hate the heat? Fine. Try some midwestern living with this 11,000-square-foot lot. On a lake! For only $1,500! Actually you can't do this anymore because I just did. 

2. Breeze Aire

Sq. feet: 1,625
Beds/baths: 2-3; 2

Where to Build

Kansas: Holy hell. Where else does $4,000 buy 9,147 square feet? Wichita, Kansas, has one of the best price/sq feet deals in the country. And with so little down, perhaps you'll have some extra to invest in this model. 

Virginia: It just looks like Virginia, doesn't it? This "nice level lot!" for only $1,900 in Danville might just be about perfect. Oh, you're balking at living in rural, southern VA? Well did you know the Virginia International Raceway is only 24 minutes away? Yeah, you'll be fine. 

3. Sidebreeze

Price: $595,000
Sq. feet: 2,754
Beds/baths: 3-5, 2.5-3

Where to Build

Colorado: Since the Sidebreeze is one of the more expensive Prefabs, Colorado's low property taxes (.6%; New Jersey, by comparison, is 1.89%) keeps spending modest. Here, you're only dropping $3,000 (or a $11 monthly mortgage, my God) for five acres in the middle of beautiful southern Colorado.

Maryland: Love the East Coast? Here, then, a $5,000 lot in Maryland that'll let the Sidebreeze flourish in the pretty mid-Atlantic foliage. (It's overlooking a ball park and has no town taxes!)

4. The Caboose

Price: $96,500
Sq. feet: 500
Beds/baths: 1;1

Where to Build

Connecticut: A beautiful house belongs on a beautiful lot, like this $6,000 deal in Winsted, CT. The 7,000 square feet will be more than enough room.

Kentucky: Kentucky is about 4 million times cheaper than CT so if you're on a strict budget, try this half-acre, $3,500 spot in Manchester.

5. Cottage

Price: $230,000 - $480,000
Sq. feet: 1,400-2,300
Beds/baths: 2-3, 2-3.5

Where to Build

Georgia: Among the bigger models that Method offers, this $5,000 Donalsonville spot near the FLA-GA line is perfect! At .71 acres and plenty of grass for some sexy architecture, why not? As the listing says: lots of trees on the lot, and, to boot, it's near a hospital. 

Iowa: If you build it, they will come to Iowa. Especially on this $6,000, .86-acre lot in Marne that reminds us of a certain movie

6. Cabin Series

Price: $289,000 - $405,000
Sq. feet: 1,800 - 2,600
Beds/baths: 2-4; 2-4

Where to Build

Idaho: Only .71 acres are available here, but considering the land's only $2,900 and you're in Salmon River and Valley, you may wanna pull the trigger sorta like, immediately.  

Minnesota: I'll let the description on this $3,900 lot in Wadena speak for itself: "...this is a northern sportsman's dream. Minnesota's famed lakes are all around, and Lake Superior is just a few hours away. The Canadian border and Lake Superior National Park are the same distance. Extensive hiking trails throughout Wadena allow access to hiking and cross-country skiing, among other things, year-round."

7. C6 Series

Price:$139,000 - $199,000
Sq. feet: 958- 1,288
Beds/baths: 2-3; 1-2

Where to Build

Illinois: Maybe axe that tree, but this $1,500 plot in Broadview, IL, should work just fine. 

North Carolina: Because this dope .57-acre, $2,500 lot in a waterfront community is for sale and the property's tax value is $35,000. Duh.

8. Option Series

Price: $129,000 - $535,000
Sq. feet: 922 - 2,216
Beds/baths: 1-4; 1-3

Where to Build

Indiana: This Fort Wayne, Indiana, lot (6,000 square feet!) has been in the same family for 100 years! And it's only $1,500! And walking distance from downtown. Get it, folks. 

South Dakota: Mostly because the description is so sweet and nice ("...on quiet street with some nice shade trees.") Yup, don't sleep on SD's $5,000, .4-acre plot in Edgemont. And dear God look at this picture. Sold.

9. M Series

Price:$255,000 - $390,000
Sq. feet: 834 - 1,740
Beds/baths: 2; 2

Where to Build

California: Big Bear! For $2,500! Goodness, it costs about $2,500 to just stay in Big Bear for a long holiday weekend; why not just go and never leave? For $1/square foot, I don't see what's holding you back.

Tennessee: Okay maybe you hate the idea of California and you're a down home country boy who needs his sweet tea. Hey, I get it. I'm that guy. So why not head back to where the heart is? That heart, of course, is always in Tennessee. Or maybe it's Peyton Manning. Still. Both good reasons to check out this $2,500 lot in Crossville.

10. Shepherd Hut 

Price: varies
Sq. feet: varies 
Beds/baths: studio; they can build one

Where to Build

Alabama: This $1,500 spot in Bama is the smallest square foot space on this list (102!), so the Gute would probably be best, as most/all modular homes wouldn't quite fit. 

Delaware: But hey if you don't like the humidity, try Delaware's $8,900 spot in Wilmington. So says the ad: "...all fenced in and ready for your creative use."

11. SML

Price: $95,000 - $215,000
Sq. feet: 565- 860
Beds/baths: studio, 2; 1, 2

Where to Build

Maine: Hoo, boy. Yeah, you're sure up north, but $1,500 for 1.5 acres in Maine? Steal. This house on the property? Hi, perfect summer home.

West Virginia: Well there's never a bad time to move to West Virginia, of course, but now's especially the time, since you can part with only $4/month (what!?) for this spot in Terra Alta. I repeat, $4/month. 

12. Paradigm Series

Price:$154,000 - $308,000
Sq. feet: 658 - 1,800
Beds/baths: studio; 2

Where to Build

Michigan: This 4,500-square foot lot in Niles, Michigan, is, for only $1,000, highway robbery. Plop a beautiful PS down and stay warm all winter and cool in the summer, which lasts like eight total weeks. The key here: purchase a house and build up, not out, to maximize the land.

Washington: This $3,600 lot in Pacific Beach is my favorite lot on this whole list. Read the description: "...Awesome walk to the beach, camping and building lot beautifully forested and very close to the beach. Ride your bike to Pacific Beach and Seabrook from this location. These lots are very peaceful and extremely secluded." Where the f*ck do I sign?

13. Hitch Haus

Price: $345,000
Sq. feet: 1,560
Beds/baths: 2;2

Where to Build

Montana: Wide open spaces needs, well, more wide open spaces. Where better than Montana? This $3,000 lot of 7,000-square-feet outta do it.

Vermont: Or how about 4.3 acres for $9,500 in the middle of nowhere Springfield, VT? Sign me up, baby. 

14. HOMB

Price: Varies, but check here for details 
Sq. feet: 900-3,100
Beds/baths: studio, 3; 1-3

Where to Build

Nebraska: Hey, don't sleep on Nebraska just because they fire football coaches for winning nine games in a season—gah, what the hell are you doing? You realize this is all taxpayer money and you're paying like four head coaches at once, holy sh*t you wonder why this country's such a mess. Sorry, that got away from me. Uh, hey: this $4,500, 320-acre plot on a private lake would do just right in Nebraska's blistering summers.

Mississippi: Mississippi hosts some of the cheapest land in the country and it's actually really mild and nice in the winters. Stop judging and move to Helena on this $5,000 lot for the winter, okay?

15. Breezehouse

Price: $495,000
Sq. feet: 2,978
Beds/baths: 3-5, 2-3

Where to Build

Nevada: Ten acres for under $3,000 with a view of perhaps the prettiest mountain range (Pilot Peak) in the state? Yup. 

North Dakota: The Breezehouse seems to fit best in an arid place with tiny shrubbery. How about this ND outfit for $8,000? Not a lot of tall tress 'round here. 

16. Wedge

Price: $89,500
Sq. feet: 400
Beds/Baths: 1;1

Where to Build

New Hampshire: Perfect for New Hampshire winters! This 11,000-sq. foot, .25 acre lot is the perfect place to "work from home" for the holidays, or maybe like from November until about April.  

Wisconsin: The house is so little and cute! Why not bundle up in the Wisconsin chill on this $2,495 lot in La Farge?

17. Balance

Price: $385,000
Sq. Feet: 2,302
Beds/baths: 3; 2.5

Where to Build

New Mexico: New Mexico's $1,100, one-acre spot in Deming is a site (!) to behold. ("Wonderful view, the those beautiful unobstructed Florida Mountains.") Wait, they're called Florida mountains? I like it. 

Massachusetts: Land in Mass. ain't so cheap, but this Springfield lot (.27 acres) for $8,900 isn't terribly expensive, and it sits near the Historical McNight section! Damn! 

18. Element

Sq. Feet: 1,202
Beds/Baths: 2-3, 2

Where to Build

Oregon: This $4,900 space in Chiloquin, OR., is where I'm going to retire. You only have .46 acres to work with, but what else do you need? Nothing, is the answer. 

South Carolina: South Carolina is the best state in the country for at least this and this reason. And make it three with this $5,000 lot in Bluffton which pretty much sits on the 18th hole of a golf course.  

19. Railcar

Price: $95,000
Sq. feet: 500
Beds/baths: 1;1

Where to Build

New York: Best part of the Railcar is the extra space for a hot tub and/or BBQ. Why New York? Tell me a cheaper, smarter (and scarier, during Halloween!) place than Sleepy Hollow. This $2,000, .30-acre lot on a lake would be spooky-cool. 

Rhode Island: It's tiny! But that's okay! You've got a railcar house! This $7,999 lot in Woonsocket will have you boating and fishing all year long, so says the description. Well maybe you would. I get sea sick. 

20. CK Series

Price: $200,000 - $320,000
Sq. feet: 1,380 - 2,280
Beds/baths: 3; 2-2.5

Where to Build

Oklahoma: For only $5,000 you sure get a hell of a lot. I'll quote from the description here: "Gated community on Hwy 70 with lots of amenities; pools, parks, tennis courts, campgrounds, community building, free boat storage. Lot has mature trees, ready for building."

Louisiana: Because it's in the Gulf and there's plenty of space and it's only $5,500. Do it.

21. Elemental

Price:$246,000 - $400,000
Sq. feet: 1,600 - 2,000
Beds/baths: 3-4; 1-3.5

Where to Build

Pennsylvania: Just $3,900 to be that close to a lake and skiing!? Pennsylvania. Who knew?! 

New Jersey: Montague Twp. for $5,000 near a country club and a lot of fishing and boating? New Jersey rules. 

22. Marfa

Price: N/A
Sq. feet: 440
Beds/baths: studio; 1

Where to Build

Texas: Well, it's already there, but can't you see Tim Riggins dropping $1,500 on this 7,200-square foot spot and building a "Marfa" with Tyra? Me too. 

Wyoming: What better place to drop a half-million dollar home than on perhaps the most gorgeous plot of land on this whole list? Yup, this $6,000 spot in Wyoming is close to Yellowstone National Park and ski resorts, so what the hell are you waiting for? 

23. Chalet

Price: Varies
Sq. feet: varies, but up to several thousand
Beds/baths: 2-4; 2-4

Where to Build

Utah: What a sweet spot in Grouse Creek for only $1,400. This .25-acre lot is near the border of Utah and Idaho meaning, of course, near dozens of some of the best ski resorts in the country. Get to it. 

Alaska: Really want to disappear? Perhaps hit up Delta Junction, Alaska, and this $5,800, .86-acre lot. There are fewer than 1,000 people in DJ, but in the Chalet, why would you ever want to leave the house anyway?

24. CK7

Price: $320,000
Sq. feet: 2,205
Beds/baths: 3-4; 2.5

Where to Build

Arkansas: For $1,099 you're gonna get set up in Arkansas, which is always a good thing. This lot is "desirable" and is "just down the street from Crown Lake," which, if you've ever been to Horseshoe Bend, you know that this, too, is a good thing. 

Ohio: Once again, I am blown away by the price/lot size ratio with this .39-acre, $1,500 place in Jackson Twp. Ohio, man. Everyone's moving to Ohio these days*.

*No, no they aren't.

25. L-Series

Price: N/A
Sq. feet: 1,953
Beds/baths: 3;2

Where to Build

Hawaii: It's warm in Hawaii and pools are an option. You are welcome for that information. And here: book a one-way ticket and purchase this 8,100-square foot lot for $5,500 on the Big Island.

Florida: Should've known that $5,000 will net you nearly 10,000 square feet of land in Inverness (near the hot springs!). But this place looks kinda nice. Plus, like the ad says, it's apparently "NEAR THE TRAIL."

Ryan Hatch is the deputy editor for Supercompressor. He pays $1,500 for 150 feet of square feet of an apartment in, you guessed it, rural Oklahoma. Wanna talk about the Jesus on Twitter? Yeah me either. Maybe on Instagram, though?