This Apartment and Its Ridiculous Taxidermy Collection Are For Sale

Gregory Speck has worn many hats during his time in New York, from celebrity journalist and socialite to author and self-proclaimed zoologist. But he is perhaps best known for the incredible collection of taxidermy that crowds the walls of his flashy apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, which just hit the market. For the right price, the hordes of dead animals come included.

In an effort to prevent the mounted beasts and other wildlife—which includes pieces Speck has purchased at auction, found in butchers’ freezers, and the occasional roadkill specimen—from throwing off potential buyers, the online listing hilariously features both real and re-touched photos of each stuffed room. 

Speck has gone on record to estimate the collection’s worth at around $1 million. And considering there are nearly 200 "companions" in the place, we’re inclined to believe him.

He plans to move some pieces to his other home in Virginia (where there are another 200 already), but is willing to entertain offers to include the remaining ones with the two bedroom/two bathroom apartment, which is currently listed at $3,395,000.

Which do you prefer? With or without?

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and prefers to sleep in beds where dozens of dead animals aren’t staring at him.