Drop in on This Half Pipe Desk

Anyone looking to breathe some life into your home office or just get really, really into the competitive Tech Deck scene? Well, the Half Pipe Desk is a surprisingly functional workstation modeled after the skate park staple.

(Note: you don't need to know how to ollie in order to use this desk, but we encourage you learn anyway.) 

Inspired by designer Eric Pfeiffer's backyard skate ramp from his childhood, the curved wooden surface (available in birch, oak, or walnut) sits cantilevered atop a metal frame, complete with a shin-level shelf, sized perfectly to stash a printer or stack of books.

Meanwhile, above, the raised monitor platform houses a series of cubbies to store smaller supplies, or alternately, function as mini garages for your fingerboards.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He spent many an hour of his youth mastering the finger ollie.