The Han Solo Mini Fridge Freezes Your Beers In Carbonite

Published On 06/02/2015 Published On 06/02/2015

"I love beers."

"I know."

Han Solo is pretty much the epitome of what every guy strives to be: he's suave, he gets the girl, he has a big, hairy alien for a best friend, and he can murder people in cold blood, only to have the evidence digitally removed decades later.

Possibly his most famous moment was when the space pirate was frozen in carbonite (long story, watch the movie). And you can relive this classic moment every time you reach for an ice cold cruiser with the Han Solo Mini-Fridge. It just makes too much sense. 


By my years of experience as a college student, I can confidently predict this lil' guy can hold 21+ beers, if properly stacked.


"Chewie...we're home."

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