This Luxe Private Island Off CT Comes Complete With A Crazy History

Nothing compares to the tranquility and privacy that comes with owning a private island. But it can also make getting back and forth from the real world a real pain in the ass. Not so with Tavern Island, a private oasis off the coast of Norwalk, Connecticut that comes with all the advantages of an escapist retreat (including a 6-bedroom mansion, beaches, and a guestbook that includes everyone from 17th Century European settlers to Marilyn Monroe) with the convenience of being just an hour's drive from Midtown Manhattan. Oh, and it's up for grabs for the shockingly fair price of $11 million.

With a history that dates back to 1651, when it was inhabited by European settlers, the 3.5-acre property is  back on the market — with a reduced asking price — for the first time in 30+ years.

Since then it has passed through a few famous hands, including the author and playwright Lillian Hellman, and later theater legend Billy Rose, whose raucous parties there featured celebrity guests like Marilyn Monroe. Who knows, she may have even frolicked along one of its three beaches.

Though if you'd prefer a non-saltwater dip there's also a not-too-shabby infinity lap pool just begging for attention.

The main house is pretty radical: a six bed, four-plus bath Tudor-style mansion built in 1900.

It's still rocking that solid retro lakehouse vibe. But there are some modern touches to balance things out.

Like a sizable chef's kitchen...

And a small gym area. When your home has three beaches and a pool, every season is bikini season.

It's also somehow serviced by mainland electricity and water, so there's no worrying about generators conking out or wells getting messed up.

Though if something does go wrong and you need to signal for help you could always try firing this random cannon. According to the property listing, no one really knows where it came from.

If and when cabin fever sets in, you have your pick of other places on the lot to chill: a small caretaker's cottage, boathouse (with guest quarters), and a small tea house, though considering this is your own freaking island, you can drink whatever you damn well please in there.

Above the boat house is the perfect set up for the sort of lofted game room you would have killed for in high school.

No sweating getting to and from civilization, either; included in the price is a sizable staging area on the mainland — complete with a garage and dock — providing easy access all year long.

There's even an oversized dinghy, for carting out groceries, supplies, and your select non-celebrity guests.

Now's that the point where you drop everything and scrounge together money from all your friends to go in on this place.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He really wants to know where that cannon came from.