10 Home Bar Concepts You Can Build This Weekend

Published On 04/16/2015 Published On 04/16/2015
Home bar concepts
Cole Saladino

Okay, so maybe you're a few years away from a custom-designed wet bar fit for the Playboy Mansion. But that doesn't mean you can't upgrade your pad with some creative home bar designs fit for Hef himself. If you've got an afternoon, a power drill, and a resilient spirit that's not afraid of gluing your fingers together, you can tackle these 10 projects and start boozing like a pro.

Ikea Hackers

Ice chest cabinet

Sawing out the middle of an Ikea TARVA three-drawer ice chest and adding a hinge top to fit a cooler inside makes a sharp outdoor bar, with prep space on top and extra storage in the drawers below. [See more]

6th Street Design School

Bookshelf bar

Adding legs to a bookshelf dresses up a standard piece of furniture, and gives you plenty of room to openly display your items, so a glass is always in reach. [See more]


Hidden compartment coffee table

If you like to stash your booze with a little secrecy, this living room centerpiece has an array of fold-out cabinets that supply both storage and presentation spaces. Buy one like it, or learn how to build your own. [See more]


Concrete crate bar

A coat of paint, wooden pallets, and some concrete bricks are a timeless outdoor solution for a backyard that's short on space. This cheap and narrow solution has a rugged farmhouse look you can enjoy all summer long. [See more]


The Murphy bar

The tipsier cousin of the Murphy bed, this wall-mounted, fold-out bar is ideal for outdoor elements, since its collapsible surface allows for complete closure of the unit. [See more]

Spencer Furniture

Mixologist's kitchen island

If your cocktails air on the creative side, this island with a swing-out compartment for a trash can will make reaming lemons and gathering garnishes a cinch. Just prep, toss, and serve. Buy one like it or build your own. [See more]

Ikea Hackers

Sideways cabinet bar

Turning the conventional storage unit on its head (see what we did there?) and affixing legs to this usually-wall-mounted cabinet doubles the space, and the swinging doors protect your glassware. [See more]

Pottery Barn

Rustic bar cart

Using oversized, antique wheels adds a vintage aesthetic to an otherwise plain bar accessory. Here's a template to build a simple one that you can adjust with your own finds from tag sales and/or your grandparents' attic. Or just buy this one from Pottery Barn. [See more]


Hanging bar

Part mini wine cellar, part work of art, this hanging structure is a focal point for your sad, lonely walls, while cleverly storing a bar towel and plenty of glasses. Buy this one, or adapt your own with extra hooks. [See more]

House Beautiful

Repurposed Bathroom Bar

A sleek bar like this one can actually be created from a former over-toilet bathroom rack. One like this can be slid over an exiting cabinet or bar cart to create a towering beverage beacon that triples your space, and keeps delicate barware out of reach.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. Her drink of choice is a whiskey on the rocks. Hint. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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