How To Get The Most Out Of Your SodaStream

Published On 09/09/2015 Published On 09/09/2015
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Congratulations, you’ve just stumbled upon one of mankind’s finest inventions.The SodaStream is a vital part of the 21st century kitchen, and you’re the mad scientist who’s harnessed the precious power of Carbon Dioxide for your own doing. 

But why stop at just seltzer water? Despite what the manufacturer instructions say, you can go rogue and use your SodaStream for a variety of delicious concoctions with just a few easy modifications. Before you know it, you'll have turned your ordinary old soda machine into Alan Turing’s sentient Nazi code breaker.*

*This definitely won’t happen.

Supercompressor/Cole Saladino

Turn white wine into Champagne

As we’ve previously learned, true Champagne must come from the Champagne region of France, otherwise it’s just sparkling white wine. However, that doesn’t mean it'll taste any worse to the undiscerning tongue at your next gathering. Take any bottle of cheap white, stick it into your SodaStream and (pardon my French) voila! Insta-Champagne! You've become the Jesus Christ of party drinks. 


Make carbonated coffee soda

Many moons ago, I tried Coffer, a sparkling coffee drink that's essentially a delicious cross between soda and cold brew. Sadly it's only available in Texas, but a similar concoction can easily be made at home. Make coffee, cool it, throw it in the SodaStream, and boom. Enjoy sparkling coffee.  

Supercompressor/Anthony Humphreys

Carbonate booze to make creative cocktails

According to The New York Times, expert mixologists have been using the SodaStream to “extract flavor compounds from herbs, spices, chiles and citrus,” citing that “the pressure of a CO2 charger can effect a flavor transfer more or less instantly.”

Even if you don't get that fancy with it, you can use the CO2 in your machine to make some great boozy drinks. Plus your SodaStream will make enough for two or three and save you time when you're entertaining. Try fizzing gin with some lemonade, or it works just as well with whiskey (trust us, we tried it). 


Get more flavor variety with store-bought syrups and concentrates

If those silly little soda syrups included with SodaStream just aren't cutting it, you can buy frozen concentrates or snow cone syrup from the grocery store and add that in the bottle instead. Try the flavor "Tiger’s Blood" pictured above. We can’t say for sure, but there’s a good chance it tastes like tiger.


BONUS: Save money on CO2 refills with a paintball tank

The tank you use in your SodaStream is nothing more than Carbon Dioxide -- the very same used in paintball guns. Using a simple adaptor, you can switch your SodaStream tank out for a paintball CO2 tank, which costs a lot less money to refill than those damn SodaStream cartridges. Ahh, seltzer and paintball, together at last. 

Jeremy Glass is a writer for Supercompressor and likes his coffee with bubbles and milk. 

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