How To Make A Backyard Pizza Oven For Under $200

Nothing really compares to the taste of a piping hot, oven baked 'za. To get that cheesy goodness at home, though, you typically have to spend a decent chunk of change...unless you're willing to put in some work yourself. European Redditor schelleursli took it upon himself to share his DIY backyard pizza oven design with the world—and it should only cost you a little under $200 to replicate his ingenuity and make one yourself.


2 terra cotta pots (22 in, 18 in) - $88
Ceramic fiber mat - $31/meter
12 fire bricks - $54
80 lbs concrete slabmix - $3.97
Total = $180

*You might notice the original post lists the total cost at about €113, or about $120. Not only were the prices for materials different because they were in Europe—they also had access to some materials beforehand. This list of materials is assuming you're starting the project with nothing but a sturdy base for the rig, and some standard power tools. 

Step one

Start with two terra cotta pots. Make sure the smaller one fits into the larger one with plenty of room to spare.

Step two

Next, cut some holes in your pots so you can easily slide your fuel—and your pizza—in and out. You'll also want to sand down the edges, so this is assuming you have some basic power tool skills. Be careful, guys.

Step three

After you've poured your concrete slab (directions here if you don't have something suitable lying around), place it where you're planning on setting up the oven. Put your fire bricks on the slab, covering it completely. The Redditor in question, schelleursli, didn't elaborate on if the bricks were fixed in place or not, so use mortar at your own discretion. 

Step four

Next, place the smaller pot on the bricks, wrap a layer of the ceramic fiber mat around the smaller pot, and place the larger pot on top of it. Cut off any excess mat to clean things up a bit.

Step five

At this point, you're finished structurally. Now you just have to decide how you're going to heat your oven. The original post's comments have quite a bit of input from the Reddit community, but we'd suggest using some reliable wood chips. It's essential to make sure the oven is nice and hot, so get it going long before you're ready for cooking.

Step six

Final step: get your pizza in the oven and enjoy!

There you have it: probably the cheapest way to build your own home pizza oven. Like any DIY project, be careful with what you're doing (especially with the fire), and don't hesitate to call in a professional if you find yourself in over your head. Make sure to check out the original post and directions for reference and other helpful tips too. Happy cooking!

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He likes his 'za light chey, heavy pepp, and served at The 9.

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