Iconic Dangling Sneakers Come To Light

The sight of sneakers dangling from power lines can connote all sorts of mysterious circumstances. Urban lore suggests they may designate a specific gang's turf, that someone was killed nearby, or that a particular location is a good spot to score drugs. The act of shoe-tossing on power lines has even been recognized as a rite of passage for guys who've just lost their virginity. But whatever you choose to believe, the ubiquitous sight can now be a part of your home lighting scheme with this Shoe Toss lamp.

The setup feels a bit like a functional art piece. The pair of white porcelain sneaks hang from a mock power line that actually carries real power from the wall mount down through the laces; these guys are stuffed with halogen bulbs that emit a faint and somewhat-haunting glow.

And if the single pair doesn't provide enough light for a particular room, you can add and arrange more shoes as you see fit. Though you will have to kill someone nearby first.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He recommends watching this 14 minute documentary on the whole act of shoe tossing. It's great.